Charmagne Westcott

How can something that great be even better the second time:) The audience loves you! Can't wait to see the movie.  Julie Thompson 7/5/10

Outstanding! I was clapping at my computer. Stephen Quintero 7/8/10

Charmagne, I can only imagine the courage it took to be YOU and to tell YOUR story. It is a beautiful story of your life. I can't help but think that your full story needs to be written to inspire others. It was great to see the video. Warm Fuzzies, Diana Pals. Diana Pals 7/29/10

I was spellbound! Great story, Charmagne. It has the "WOW" factor. Can't wait for the sequel. Teresa Guanche 7/31/10

I laughed and cried (mainly cried). I admire your courage and way with words!! Angie Howe 8/25/10

Charmagne, I loved it! This is such an awesome story...I love your sense of humor through it all! was there a bakery down the street? :) Armida Molina 8/30/10

You had me from "I'm gullible". I hope that you will tell the story of how you found your dad, too. Joy Shinerock 9/4/10

What an inspirational message of hope. I agree that this experience should be a book! Lots of hugs! Nicole Massari  10/4/10

WOW! Charmagne I am speechless. I think you need to add a Kleenex warning :) You truly have a gift. I hope you continue to share your story! Much love – Michelle. Michelle Glick 1/4/11

I am so pleased to have heard your story. I have often thought of you and am so pleased to hear your wonderful story of hope, courage, and inner strength. Thank heaven for the uncle who pointed you toward searching for your family. Ann Johnson 1/4/11

Hi Charmagne,Thank you so much for sharing your heartwarming story. I have thought of you often and continue to be blessed with your beautiful angel painting and poem. So many talents and gifts which deserve recognition and praise. Continue on. Much love, Meredith(DeeDee). Meredith (DeeDee)Johnson 1/4/11

Such a moving and beautiful story. So much talent. The right mix of perfectly delivered and sincere humor and insight. I'm so happy for you. I'm a friend of Dudley's. I hope to meet you up in So. Oregon. Michael Garcia 1/25/11

This is truly inspiring and heartfelt. I'm glad you found yourself and your Mom after so many years of questioning and searching for that perfect family. Bless you for your efforts and your willingness to share your struggles and triumphs.  Darin Rector 2/28/11

What a beautiful and amazing life story. You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself in such a beautiful, honest, vulnerable, and humorous way. I feel so lucky to have met you. Pamela Fagan 10/20/2012

In June of 2010 I presented an abbreviated version of my memoir at Boise's own Story Story Night (our version of NPR's The Moth).
The theme was "Gullible."

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On June 28th, 2013, NPR's StoryCorps came to Boise, Idaho and our story is now archived in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress!

Below is the unedited version of our story, as well as the shorter clip that aired on Boise State Radio (Thanks, Larry!). We didn't have an outline of what we were going to say, which made my mother nervous, but I wanted it to be spontaneous. Because of that, we jump around a bit and the facilitator chimes in and fills in the gaps here and there. I started bawling right away remembering the day I first heard my mother's voice over the phone. My mom and I listened to it this morning and we both cried just as much. I feel so blessed to have my mother in my life. Thank you so much, mama, for not only agreeing to do this with me, but for making my dreams come true.
Charmagne Westcott and Sherry Jurd
Click here to go to the StoryCorps website
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Sherry and Charmagne your story is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your love. Sherry, someday I would love to meet your daughter. Lovely. You both have a new happy beginning. Prayers, Peace, and Love to you all.  Jody Thompson 6/30/13

Charmagne, I love your story and I love your Mother! She is a wonderful lady and you are so blessed (even though you already realize it) to have her and Michael and the boys in your life! Congratulations!! Julie Fuzi 06/30/13

...wonderful. Irene Garcia 06/30/13

Sherry & Charmagne thank you for sharing your story. You should warn people to have a kleenex handy befor they begin the story. Love and happness to you both. Mary Lou D'Andrea. 6/30/13

Thanks to Jessica Holmes and Emma Arnold with Boise's own Story Story Night for letting us have this opportunity.

"We do this to remind one another of our shared humanity, strengthen and build the connections between people, teach the value of listening, and weave into the fabric of our culture the understanding that every life matters."

If you're not familiar with StoryCorps, they are "an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide people of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives." Selected stories are edited and aired on NPR's morning edition (on Friday mornings, FM 91.5, in Boise). If you have ever listened to StoryCorps on NPR, you will know what a big deal it is to be a part of such an important project. I have seriously cried my eyes out listening to some of these beautiful stories (click here to go to the StoryCorps "listen" page and you will see what I mean). There is no guarantee our story will be aired on NPR, but if it is, I will announce it here!
Unedited (32:15)
Radio Clip (4:26 )