Charmagne Westcott

I have found that writing a memoir is like painting a picture of a memory. It's not exact. It's my perspective, my memory, colored in with my feelings about what happened. Some of the names and circumstances are intentionally changed in order to protect people's privacy and some of the details have been combined into one person or location for literary purposes. For example: The character "Dawn" is a combination of several childhood friends. Otherwise, I'd be introducing new characters every other page. One the same note, some of the situations/locations are combined as well. So, if you recognize yourself in this story and you find yourself thinking, "That didn't happen at school, it happened at my house," it's because I changed it to make the story flow. That said, I have attempted to make it as accurate as possible. I've been contacting childhood friends, looking at old newspaper archives and going through all the paperwork and photographs I have available to me to spark my memory. Here's the deal though: Except for the pieces I intentionally blocked out and can't seem to access for the life of me, I have a really good memory. Like, way above average.

The stories below are posted in chronological order. This is a work in progress and may go through significant changes along the way...
Personal Essays

The Life of Ryan (2002)
...A true short story about a blind date. Genre is humor. It's funny.

This Didn't Really Happen or The Story of the Rooster (2011)
...A true story from my childhood. Tone is dark. This may become part of the memoir at some point, but the voice is a bit different.

...Basically, personal essays in a blog format


Under the Sink (2003)
...Warning for explicit content. A dark psychological short.
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